The D Sound Sessions

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to announce that on May 16th, 2015 we are officially releasing The D Sound Sessions, our newest recording project. Recorded here in Rome, this record is a true reflection of our live sound. We hope that you will join us for the record release concert, and if you are one of our fans outside of Rome, we hope that you will enjoy the record in your hometown no matter how near or far!


Ciao a Tutti!

That’s “Hello World” in Italian!

Welcome to my new website, and to my new record.

I hope that you have some time to visit the download page of this website, and get your copy of “Overtime.” As you will see, it’s totally free to download. But if you’d like to, you may purchase it for any amount you like. Either way, please get it and enjoy it.

In making this record, called “Overtime,” I had the honor of working with the amazing Jason Mercer, who produced and recorded it. Playing with me, are some of my favorite musicians in the whole world — Ana Egge, Dan Marcus, Rich Hinman and Chris Brown. The album was given its shiny audio polish (that’s mastering in music parlance) by Chris “Lurch” Rudyk at Broadcastlane Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

That’s what’s new for me in my music world! Leave a comment below, and say hi, why don’t ya.

— Mary