Ciao a Tutti!

That’s “Hello World” in Italian!

Welcome to my new website, and to my new record.

I hope that you have some time to visit the download page of this website, and get your copy of “Overtime.” As you will see, it’s totally free to download. But if you’d like to, you may purchase it for any amount you like. Either way, please get it and enjoy it.

In making this record, called “Overtime,” I had the honor of working with the amazing Jason Mercer, who produced and recorded it. Playing with me, are some of my favorite musicians in the whole world — Ana Egge, Dan Marcus, Rich Hinman and Chris Brown. The album was given its shiny audio polish (that’s mastering in music parlance) by Chris “Lurch” Rudyk at Broadcastlane Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

That’s what’s new for me in my music world! Leave a comment below, and say hi, why don’t ya.

— Mary

22 thoughts on “Ciao a Tutti!

  1. Congratulations Maryann! The record sounds beautiful, and it’s wonderful to hear you singing with “the gang” again.

    And this website is pretty sweet, if I may say so myself!

    Love you!

  2. Delicious! A beautiful collection of sassy, intelligent songs that are magnificent to even the most delicate of ears and catchy to the most sensitive of tongues. I know another girl that takes the color with her when she leaves (other than Linda that is!) and the wind whispers her name too. Congratulations!

  3. Mary, your voice has never sounded as beautiful or clear, and your lyrics are stunning. This is a gorgeous album. You should feel very proud!

  4. We didn’t play nearly enough music while you were here. I’ll keep the mandolin safe until you return.

  5. Your dad is a great publicist! We went to college together when he used to sing and play guitar, and now you seem to be upping him by a few levels. This is great stuff. I’ll pass the word. Thank you Mary for the fine songs.

  6. Your Dad and I are friends from way back. I listened to your songs and loved them. If your ever in southern California look me up, especially if you’re performing anywhere. Really beautiful sound.

  7. Through a facebook connection with your dad, I just found your album and listened to most of the songs. I’m an old time friend of your Aunt Patti, and knew your dad in the mid-60’s, too.

    Your album is wonderful! So lyrical! And your voice is haunting! I want to say that you inherited your dad’s talent… but I think you probably had to work very hard at it…. I want to hear more!

    If you’re ever in the Hartford or Enfield CT area performing, I’d love to attend.

  8. I already thought you were wonderful and SO gifted, and that’s before I knew what an amazing musician and singer you were. Ma quanto sei brava!

  9. Now I know why your reports are full of beautiful, ornate sentences. The artist is always there no matter what you do.
    Lovely songs Maryann and such a gorgeous voice.

  10. Dear Maryann,
    Josephine sent me your website a month or so ago….only just got time to listen this afternoon. I just wanted to say to you that I think the songs are beautiful…..Really beautiful.
    I hope this finds you well,
    (Josie’s Brother)

  11. Hi maryann
    I am Astrid and i am Tony Mcloughin’s niece and as you problay know he is
    Josephine’s brother.
    i love your songs they are really inspiring and i think you have a fabulous voice.
    I am 11 and I absolutley love your songs


  12. Hey Maryann – great to see you yesterday…I now own your album on my computer and am excited to listen to it! Take care-

  13. Hello! Love the CD! Thanks very much. I’m the eejit who bought you and your crew a round of drinks at the Map Room last night. Lovely,lovely music. You are a blend of the very best of Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell and a few unnamed angels roving this planet. Keep up the beautiful music and think about playing the Map Room sometime.

  14. Love it Maryann! Definitely just downloaded the album and put it on my ipod and will be at Cheers and Cheese on Saturday. Consider me converted.

  15. Great music, lovely voice & pedal steel guitar sounds…
    Keep on performing live, here in Italy, guys!

  16. I really enjoyed listening to you as the backup band for Jacqui McShee at the Jailbreak Club in Rome. Good luck. I hope to hear you again in Rome soon.

  17. Maryann your music is so nice and you have such a beautiful voice, I hope to see you guys playing in rome soon, so keep us updated!

    sergio (we shared the stage at fandango’s thingy in san lorenzo a few months ago)

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