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Mary and the Strays presents a unique repertoire of music that is rooted in bluegrass traditions but is genre defying, stretching beyond an easy definition of “Americana”. Maryann Fennimore (songwriter, lead vocals, mandolin) has built an acoustic sound that finds itself borrowing from traditional folk, blues, hymns, and contemporary music in order to create an original sound. Working together with guitarist Cristiano Urbani and bassist Dario Pimpolari, Fennimore beckons her lyrics and melodies to nestle into rhythms found collaboratively. The songs are filled with memory, heart ache, and spirit.


Maryann Fennimore, singer, songwriter and mandolin player for Mary and the Strays started out her music writing and performance career in New York City in 2001 with Crescent and Frost. The group produced three records over the seven years they were together, and Fennimore moved to Rome, Italy in 2008. Soon after arriving Fennimore made musical connections in Rome and began writing for her first solo record, OVERTIME. In the summer of 2009 she recorded the record with Producer and Bassist Jason Mercer and with the help of musicians Ana Egge, Daniel Marcus, Rich Hinman, and Chris Brown. In 2013, Fennimore released her second solo full length record, YOUR TURN TO BE LONELY (available for sale at cdbaby, itunes, amazon), while also releasing a single with Mary and the Strays called UP IN SMOKE (available for sale only at concerts). In 2015, Mary and the Strays released THE D SOUND SESSIONS, a series of recordings done in the D Sound Studios in Rome, Italy. The record is available for download through the band’s website.


Mary and the Strays spent the summer in the recording studio working on tracks for their new record to be released in the summer of 2018. In the fall of 2017, they started working with vocalist, Spring Berlandt from San Francisco, California to bring even mo